Rackfest Logo

Rackfest is a web-based platform connecting fans to their favorite celebrities! Rackfest serves as a marketplace for personalized autographed collectibles including: photos, merchandise and specialized events. Rackfest is a “one-stop-shop” for fans to connect with their favorite celebrities!  
What does Rackfest do?  
A:  Rackfest celebrities connect to their fan communities in two unique ways: 
1.  Rackfest provides a channel for fans to receive personalized, digital autographs and other merchandise from celebrities while maintaining the traditional fan connection with a personalized, convenient, and modern twist. 
2.  Rackfest celebrities offer exclusive, autographed merchandise products, memorabilia and specialized events for fans to purchase.

How does Rackfest work?  
A:  Celebrities create and customize their own Rackfest page, highlighting new merchandise, photographs, memorabilia and events through social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Rackfest fans can purchase products directly from the celebrity’s customized Rackfest webpage.