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From: Stan Lee's "God Woke"


Classic Version Limited First-Edition Run. Each copy contains FOUR ORIGINAL, AUTHENTICATED autographs by Stan Lee and contributors Fabian Nicieza, Mariano Nicieza, and Wilson Ramos Jr. Created and Written by- Stan Lee, Plot Adaptation- Fabian Nicieza Drawn, Inked & Colored-Mariano Nicieza, Lettered & Colored- Wilson Ramos Jr. With Nadir Balan, Shane Connoly, Rick Emond, Walter Flanagan, John Hebert, Michael Yakutis and Kelly Zimmerman. STAN LEE'S 'GOD WOKE' is a timeless tale of humanity's search for meaning ... and a fresh take on God's own search for the same. Unique and thought provoking, Stan Lee's original story is adapted with the insightful understanding of character that define the Silver Age of comics. Adapted by comic book veterans including Fabian (co-creator of Deadpool) Nicieza, Mariano Nicieza, Matt Murray, Frank Lovece, Wilson Ramos Jr., Walter Flanagan and many more. Includes Black-Faux Leather cover, Yellow Bookmark Ribbon, Special Extras Pocket on the Inside Back Cover, Stan Lee 75th Anniversary article with contributions from Larry Lieber, Roy Thomas, Tom DeFalco, Dan Slott and many more, plus a special behind-the-scenes article from Fabian Nicieza outlining step-by-step the official plot adaptation. Includes Certificate of Authenticity and Collectible Card. Book size- 7 1/8"w x 10 7/8" x 1/2"d Full color- 120 pages FIRST 50 PURCHASERS WILL RECEIVE A FREE "GOD WOKE" T-SHIRT WITH PURCHASE!