Brandon Scanavich
Brandon Scanavich is an American Comedian/Actor/Producer who was born in Memphis Tn. After deciding to pursue a career in show business, Scanavich left his home in Memphis and relocated to California where he began to try his luck on the versatile comedy circuits of the San Francisco Bay area. After establishing a unique prescense on the stage with his array of jokes often accompanied by the sweet sounds of the piano, comparing him to that of a young Jamie Foxx. It was on stages such as these, Scanavich discovered his love for inspiring people through his actions which led him from the stage to the screen. Scanavich has worked on several television networks that conclude his resume' including BET & VH1, also several independent film projects that have stood out amongst festivals across the country! The talents of Scanavich were inspired by many moguls of the entertainment industry. Jamie Foxx, Eddie Griffin, Marc John Jefferies, Brandon T. Jackson, Larenz Tate, just to name a few. He quotes " I was inspired by many of those guys i grew up watching on Tv, but what was even more inspiring is when I was introduced to hollywood and I befriended most of them". One Comedian/Actor in particular this may refer to is Brandon T. Jackson. At the launch of the "Fresh N Funny" Tour you may have seen Brandon Scanavich open the show in a city or two, this was one of the many experiences that molded into the entertainer he is today. He often quotes "What's for you, Is for you, Just be ready when it comes". For bookings contact

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