Chris Giarrusso
Chris Giarrusso is the Harvey award-nominated artist and writer best known for creating, writing, and drawing G-Man, a series of books loved by all ages. In 1999, Chris Giarrusso created the world-famous Mini Marvels for Marvel Comics, writing and drawing dozens of comic strips and short stories which have been published in countless Marvel comics and collected editions. Chris even contributed two brand new characters to the Marvel Universe, fantastic fan-favorites “Elephant Steve” and “Archeology Jackson.”
In 2012, Chris illustrated 12 Image variant covers, including The Walking Dead, Chew, and Invincible, in celebration of Image’s 25th anniversary. He was the illustrator for the first two years of the successful Emerald City Comicon webcomic, Tales from the Con, written by Brad Guigar. Chris is still hard at work writing and drawing comics with new published works coming soon.
Check out more of his books, art, and animation at his official website,

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