Klara Landrat
The multi-talented Klara Landrat is an actress, photographer, model and brand ambassador. As a true cosmopolitan Klara has divided her life between New York, LA, Paris, Belgrade, Tunis, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong. Klara came from a dance and theater background, being involved with productions of David Levine, Julia Miles' and training with legendary dance choreographer Willie Ninja (William Leake) in New York City upon graduating Cum Laude from CUNY Hunter College.
She debuted with her big dubbing role as the main voice of the British miniseries " Sand Fairy" in 1988. Her acting credits include: “Zoolander”, dir. Ben Stiller, “Going Under” by E. Werthman, "The Soul Collector", dir. Ben Talar, “Fateful Findings” dir. Neil Breen and a most recently Brigitte Bardot's supported film project; "Chronologia Human" dir. Erik Blanc. Simultaneously, she has pursued her other passion and artistic endeavor; photography. Her photographic work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including the "Tallit Project" by Gallery Nine Five, NY. She shot multiple covers and editorial spreads for such magazines as Irk Magazine (Paris/New York), Kodd Magazine (Paris) , Lady Gunn Magazine (LA/NYC/Stockholm), Le Fil D'or Magazine (Paris/Amsterdam) , Modo Magazine(London), Imirage Magazine (Canada), Intellegance Magazine) USA/Canada) and more. Since 2012 Klara is also a brand ambassador and co-designer for the fashion accessories brand The RUBBZZ Original atwww.rubbzz.com with commerce in USA, Israel, Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong and China. Klara is a big supporter and propagator of women's rights and as such is engaged in actions protecting women's rights in the world. Caring for wildlife, Klara is also a part of Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

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